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The End. [21 Jul 2004|12:05pm]
[ mood | calm ]

This journal is officially closed. I`m only going to keep one [ dazlin_diamondz ] for public use and some friends` onlii entries... I might be making a new journal username but if i do, that will be updated in my journal. 'Goodbye'

For The Last Time,
_ Courtney * x ` O

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New Journal [11 Jun 2004|05:02pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

this is my new journal everybody and i decided to have 2 [yes, i`m still keepin` dazlin_diamondz] is because i wanted to have one 'Friends Onlii'.. the reason is i don`t want anyone to read my personal thoughts and perspectives on things unless they really want to know and if they care.. this is the journal where i`m going to be telling it how it is and no lies just the straight up truth.. i urge you to comment with my entries if you want to add somethin` to what i`ve said..

Make Surre..

[]1. You are actually my friend.. I do not want anyone reading this journal that I don`t know or dislike.
[]2. You may add me to your friends list UNLESS we don`t talk enough for you to even care about my thoughts of my everyday life.
[]3. You don`t say hate or trash about me or my friends [refer to #1]
[]4. If you`ll be happy to help me with my problems, i`ll be happy to help with yours. [just the 411]

well.. there you have it.. make sure you comment in this entry if you`d like to be added ;).

With Love Alwaiis,

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